Hair loss affected me at a young age. I lost my confidence too as the bald patch made me look older and I desperately wanted a solution of this problem. One day when I was searching for options of hair transplant in Punjab, I came across Kyra Clinic. I checked their site and then called their clinic to set up an appointment. Dr. Vikas Gawri explained the procedure to me in a simple manner and gave me an estimate of the required number of hair follicles.

I was satisfied to see the clinic equipped with all the modern facilities and complying with high standard of hygiene. The procedure was almost painless and was completed in one go. I highly recommend Dr. Vikas Gawri to anyone looking for an effective hair transplant procedure.

Mr. Mohan | 46 Years | 3500 Follicles | Banglore
I visited Indian after searching for the options of hair transplant online and found Kyra clinic stood head and shoulder above all other clinics in terms of results, qualified and experienced surgeon, number of satisfied foreign clients and the quality of services. I had 6500 follicular grafts placed over a two-day period. Some grafts were taken from my beard also.

Contrary to my expectations, the procedure was virtually painless. Well trained and cooperative staff made my stay comfortable.

Mr. Michael | 25 Years | 6500 Follicles | Switzerland
I am 47 year old male from Canada. I couldn’t even considered Hair Transplant due to high cost involved in Canada until I came to know about Kyra Clinic from a Canadian friend who had hair transplant from Dr. Gawri with amazing results.

I am sure Kyra Clinic is the best choice in India since it offers world class service and standards of hygiene are excellent. I am happy with my hair growth all thanks to Dr Gawri.

Well done, Team Kyra

Mr. Raufalda | 47 Years | 6500 Follicles | Canada
I had hair transplant procedure by Dr. Gawri in October 2013 and truly appreciate the care and thoughtfulness of team Kyra before, during, and after the FUE hair transplant surgery.

I was comfortable throughout the procedure at the clinic since the pain was quite less than what I had expected. Results are amazing.


Mr. Marcus Valentino | 42 Years | 6500 Follicles | USA
I already had 2 hair transplants that had left a strip scar at the back and left me with just a few donor follicles. Therefore I was searching for Body Hair Transplant when I came across Kyra Hair Transplant Clinic online. Dr.Vikas Gawri answered to all my queries to clear all my doubts during our many discussions.

I decided to visit India from Afghanistan for my third and last hair transplant. Dr. Gawri took follicles from the back of my head, from my beard and also from my chest and provided almost complete coverage to my scalp.

No regrets this time...

Mr. Mathew Thomas | 30 Years | 6000 Follicles | Massachusetts - USA
After visiting various Hair Transplant Centers for consultation I landed at Kyra Hair Transplant clinic. My personal consultation with the doctor helped me understand numerous factors involved in a hair transplant procedure.

I looked at their earlier cases and was encouraged by the results Dr. Vikas Gawri and his team had delivered to various other patients.

During the procedure, 1500 grafts were taken from my head and beard. The donor side healed in around 5 days. I am quite satisfied with results.

Mr. Salemi Ahmed | 36 Years | 6000 Follicles | Afghanistan
I had hair transplant done through strip method by another clinic in Ludhiana but results were very disappointing. Then I got my second hair transplant with FUE method from Kyra Clinic. I was amazed to have a head full of hair just after 6 months.

The results delivered by Dr. Vikas Gawri and his team with their 'Dense Packing' technique are just superb. I am recommending Dr. Gawri to all my friends for he is the best in his profession and an easy person to talk to.

Mr. Angad | 26 Years | 6500 Follicles | Australia
I had hair transplant done through strip method by another clinic in Ludhiana but results were very disappointing. Then I got my second hair transplant with FUE method from Kyra Clinic. I was amazed to have a head full of hair just after 6 months.

The results delivered by Dr. Vikas Gawri and his team with their 'Dense Packing' technique are just superb. I am recommending Dr. Gawri to all my friends for he is the best in his profession and an easy person to talk to.

Mr. Gagan | 30 Years | 4850 Follicles | Ludhiana
I was very shy and low on confidence as I lost my hair at an early age. When I came to visit one of my relatives in India and they told me about Dr. Vikas Gawri and we contacted them for the treatment.

I found Kyra Clinic as one of the top and reputable clinic in Punjab, India. I got my hair transplant procedure done and I now strongly recommend this clinic to anyone coming to Punjab for this treatment.

Mr. Talwinder Kang | 26 Years | 6000 Follicles | England
We are settled in Australia from last 10 years and were not feeling confident in getting the hair transplant treatment done from anywhere else. Fortunately, a telephonic consultation with Dr. Vikas Gawri help erased all the doubts that we had in our mind and we felt very confident about getting our treatment done at Kyra Clinic.

Their representative from Kyra Clinic came all the way to pick up at New Delhi airport in a personal SUV cab. We underwent FUE transplantation of 4000 and 5000 follicles respectively. We had a satisfying experience at Kyra Clinic and the whole process was completely hassle free. This clinic has all that it takes to match international standards.

Undisclosed | 22 Years | 4000-5000 Follicles each | Australia
It was my desire to have fuller eyebrows and when I read about FUE hair transplant technique for thicker eyebrows, I instantly wanted to find the best cosmetic surgeon to consult for the procedure.

I am glad that I chose Kyra Clinic for the procedure. I am thoroughly impressed with the expertise and this short and virtually painless procedure by the hands of Dr. Vikas Gawri has helped me enjoy thicker and fuller eyebrows without any hassles. I am satisfied with the results.

Mrs. Sonia | 28 Years | Ludhiana
My name is Jaspal Singh and I am from Chandigarh. Due to strange reason the hair of my beard on one side of my face started to fall. One of my friends told me about Dr. Vikas Gawri.

People at Kyra Clinic take a very good care of their patients even after the procedure is completed. Their educate patients and answer their queries with patience and this is what gave me confidence and satisfaction and of course results speak better than words...

Mr. Jaspal Singh | 50 Years | 2000 Follicles (One Side) | Chandigarh
Even after trying various hair restoration medications and oils, I was losing hair at a fast pace. Nothing seemed to work and in very short span of time I lost majority of my hair. So much so that it became necessary for me to use a wig or hair piece. But the truth was that I was fed up with all this and wanted a permanent solution to this problem. Thought I was aware of Hair transplant technique but I was not sure about the options available. I started consulting many clinics that were offering this treatment, but cost was too high for me and was beyond my expectations.

During this I visited many clinics and Kyra Clinic was one of them. When I compared Kyra with other clinics it clearly stood apart in terms of facilities, equipment, results, patient satisfaction and above all the quality of services. I had 6000 follicular grafts placed over a two-day period. The procedure was almost painless opposite to what I was expecting. Now after 7 months, I am happy with the results and strongly suggest Kyra Clinic for anyone who is looking for a dependable and high quality hair transplant.

Mr. Gurdeep Singh | 31 Years | 6000 Follicles | Ahmedgarh
I lost facial hair and used to feel very embarrassed due to no hair growth on my cheeks as this made me look different. But then one of my friends told me about FUE hair transplant procedure for beard hair. I underwent the Hair transplant procedure at Kyra clinic and since then everything has changed. I now feel more confident and my face looks great. The results are amazing and I thank Dr. Vikas and give full credit to his expertise and precision.

Mr. Gurdas Singh | 48 Years | 4500 Follicles (Both Sides) | Muksar
I never thought that I would have to go for hair transplant procedure at the age of 29. But, after going through the procedure at Kyra clinic, I now think that it would have been great had I have made this decision a few years back and cut down those years of embarrassment from my life.

I am impressed with Dr. Gawri's approach towards the procedure and results so far.

Mr. Pardeep Sehgal | 28 Years | 4150 Follicles (Both Sides) | Ludhiana
I am overwhelmed with Dr. Vikas Gawri's knowledge and his professionalism. I have got my Hair Transplant procedure done from Kyra Clinic using their Dense Packing technique and the results were amazing. .

Mr. Bikram | 42 Years | 2050 Follicles | Fareedkot
As a patient what you look for in a hair transplant clinic is experienced doctor, friendly staff, hygiene standards, and a reasonably priced treatment. You get it all at Kyra Clinic. I am very contented that the procedure not only matched my expectations but surpassed my expectations.

After looking at the results 2 of my friends from Goa were amazed and they choose Kyra Clinic for their Hair Transplant too.

Mr. Fernandez | 34 Years | 6000 Follicles | Goa
It was while searching on the web for a reasonably priced but high quality FUE hair transplant clinic I came across Kyra Clinic's website. The whole thing went well and I underwent procedure at their clinic. Pleasant and friendly staff members, experienced doctor coupled with most modern techniques and compassion for patients are some of the strong points that sets Kyra Clinic apart.

Now when I compare myself with some of my friends who got their hair transplant done from other clinics I feel happy that I chose this clinic. I have seen that other clinics generally implant the hair very far apart while with Dense Packing technique at Kyra Clinic my results are much much better as this make my hair look thick and dense.

Mr. Rajan Taneja | 25 Years | 6500 Follicles | Muksar
I had a wonderful and satisfying experience with Kyra clinic both pre and post FUE hair transplant surgery. I got 4000 follicles implanted to the bald area of my scalp.

It’s been 9 months now after the procedure and I am glad that I am chosen Dr. Vikas Gowri as my physician.

Mr. Jaspinder | 25 Years | 4050 Follicles | Nakoder, Punjab
When you go for hair transplant your prime concern is quality of treatment and full value of your money. In entire North India only Kyra Clinic is one that offers you combination of these both. Last year I got facial implants done from Dr. Vikas Gawri and this year I am going for hair transplantation.

I am extremely happy with my experience.

Mr. Davinder | 39 Years | 5070 Follicles | Ludhiana

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