PRP Treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma)

What is PRP?
Platelet Rich Plasma, also called PRP is prepared from patient's blood that has very high platelet concentration in a very limited amount of plasma. Platelet rich plasma is rich in growth factors and bioactive proteins, which accelerate the growth of cells as well as activity leading to speedy healing.

To make use of PRP treatment for improvement in growth of hair, it is either applied locally after a dermaroller or is injected in the skin.

Advantages of PRP
1. This method has high success rate with proven results in different fields of surgery.
2. It completely eliminates the risks of transmissible infections as it is autologous.
3. Being Autologous, the risk of allergic reaction also gets eliminated.
4. This treatment is office based.
5. When compared to other forms of treatment, this treatment comes in the affordable pricing range.

What are the Expected Results?
PRP is most commonly recommended in case of hair fall, hair thinning, as well as those looking to strengthen their hair. It is a great option for encouraging new hair growth in cases of partial baldness.

Dr. Gawri recommends his patients three sittings of PRP treatment at a gap of three to four weeks. These treatment yields results as follows

- It helps get rid of hair fall.
-The texture and thickness of hair gets improved.
- Encourages new hair growth and also helps with the density

Benefits & Effectiveness of Biologically Enhanced Hair Transplant (FUE Hair Transplantation + PRP Injection at the same time)

- Minimum bleeding
- Minimum number of grafts popping out of the slits.
- Speedy graft adhesion at the recipient site
- Minimum bruising and swelling at the recipient site
- Enhanced stiffness of the graft that ensures efficient handling
- Efficient growth of grafts.
- Minimum damage to the grafts

At Kyra Clinic, we have already performed a large number of PRP Treatments and continue to perform it with our FUE hair Transplant surgeries to enhance the results of the procedure for our esteemed patients. Dr. Gawri recommends PRP treatment to maximize the results of the FUE hair transplant procedure and also to speed up the healing process.

PRP Treatment India, Ludhiana, Punjab

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