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For those who wish to get rid of their bald scalp, 4G FUE hair transplant is the latest technique available. 4G FUE Technique is a method of harvesting or extracting donor hair in a follicular unit hair transplant procedure. For this procedure, an instrument is used to make tiny circular incisions in the skin which are the follicular units. These skin areas are separated from the surrounding tissue and the follicular unit is pulled directly from the scalp to implant in the recipient site.

Here is a break-down of the fourth generation FUE hair transplant technique into nine stages:
· Designing of the FUE Hairline
· Punching
· Extraction
· Cleaning of grafts
· Storage of grafts
· Marking of site
· Distribution of grafts extracted
· Placement of grafts
· Postoperative care of the site.

The surgical procedure begins with the usage of local anesthesia and extraction of grafts from the donor site. To achieve the natural looking results, single hair follicular units are placed in the hairline. Extra care is taken to maintain sterility and comfort the patient during the procedure.

4G FUE hair transplant is free from stitches and scars making it class apart from other hair transplant techniques. In view of its non-invasive nature, this method of hair transplant has got wide popularity all over the globe. The method has emerged as one of the most popular options for those who wish to seek a natural-looking hair transplant.

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