Kyra Technique of 'DENSE PACKING'

Those who suffer from nominal loss of hair can also choose to have "dense packing", which refers to thickening technique that offers undetectable results offering 100% natural growth of hairs.

A large number of men who are not troubled by hair loss have nearly 70 to 100 hair grafts per square centimeter which refers to about 150 to 240 hairs. Densitometer is used to gauze the density of patient's hair during a personal consultation.

Based on the condition of the hair loss, we work carefully to implant 100 to 120 hairs per square centimeter which consists of 40 to 50 grafts.

Some of the factors that determine the density of patient's hair are:
Color of patient's hair
Diameter of hair shaft
Skin color
Hair Style

We, at Kyra Clinic, are one of the few clinics in the country which can promise delivery of consistent results which are a combination of world-class quality and a special hair transplant technique called 'Dense Packing'

Higher density at the hairline
We are here to offer our patients best results from the procedure. Our mission is to provide them with density that is highest in the front part of the head so that it gives natural and fuller appeal. We believe that good coverage at the frontal part of the head helps to gain best results. As we put our best efforts forward to seek optimum density for the bald scalp, we require larger number of hair roots than what you may find recommended by other hair transplant institutes.

The use of 'dense packing' technique is aimed to achieve higher density of the hair thus transplanted and also helps the patients seek undetectable and natural appearing results.

Mini instruments
To make sure that we achieve our targeted outcomes, we utilize smallest instruments available.

Our procedure consists of 'lateral slit' technique, which owes its origin from Canada. This method has been certified by recognized 'Annual Hair Transplant Conference' in Vancouver.

We make use of instruments that include 0.70 mm blades that come with adaptable length as well as angle that can be adjusted based on every individual patient's requirements.

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