BHT (Body Hair Transplant)

Donor areas which are utilized to extract hair follicles generally include back and sides of patient's head. In the patients with low density donor area, we can harvest grafts from patient's beard.

Body Hair Transplant is a contemporary approach in which hair from other parts of the body, other than scalp, can be utilized for transplantation.

Dr. Vikas Gawri is certified and professionally trained to perform Body Hair Transplant from chest, abdomen, pubic areas, etc.

There is a huge number of patients which make ideal candidates for body hair transplant as they are a their body hairs can be used as a source for even thousands of grafts for implantation in the scalp. The large size of the donor areas can be utilized for follicular extraction so as to achieve high density of packing, which is otherwise not possible for patients with scarce donor hair on the side as well as the back of the head.

When the donor site for body hair transplant is identified, these body hairs are removed by making use of FUE technique.

Who are the ideal candidates for body hair transplant?
All those patients who wish to seek treatment for bald scalp with FUE technique but do not have enough hair growth in the back/side of the scalps are good candidates for body hair transplant. There can be different reasons behind the sparse growth of hair at the donor areas. These may include:

-Excessive hair loss due to genetic reasons.
-Previous sessions of FUE hair transplant surgeries.

How suitability for ‘Body Hair Transplant’ or assessed?

Dr. Vikas Gawri works thoroughly in order to provide an assessment for patients eligible for BHT:
- The total size of the donor area, from where the follicles will be extracted, is assessed.
- Overall length of the hair in different parts of the body.
- Assessment of density of hair, which must be more than 40 follicular units per square centimeter.
-There should be some similarity in head hair and hair in the body.
-The number of follicular units may up to one or two hair follicles.

What makes BHT-FUE technique different from conservative FUE technique?
Follicular units that are extracted from the body are generally different from the hair that are extracted from the parts of scalp, usually the sides and back. In majority of the cases, the follicular units that are extracted from the head consist of one, two , three or four hair. On the contrary, the follicular units that are taken from the body usually have one hair , in some of the cases they may have up to two. This points to the in order to achieve desired hair density capacity, the BHT technique will require as many as double the implants. Due to this reason. BHT is utilized to enhance the density of hair in the scalp.

The growth cycle of body hair is different as compared to the growth cycle of scalp hair. It is, however, not yet scientifically proven.

What are the main factors that make Body Hair Transplant a success:

- It is important to take into account the direction at which the follicular units grow.
- The depth of the hair follicle under the patient’s skin
- The thickness, structure, as well as the texture of the hairs (they can be wavy, straight, or curly)
- In order to achieve best results, cosmetic surgeon should be diligent enough to take into account arrangement of the grafts along with considering the direction of the growth.
- It is an attribute of a good cosmetic surgeon to minimize the damage to the follicles.
- It is imperative to ensure that these grafts are stored in an error free manner.

What are the limitations of BHT
When compared to FUE and FUT techniques of hair transplantation, body hair transplant has not been a subject of good deal of research. This is the reason why BHT is mostly seen as the last resort as a treatment option to find a solution for enhancing density results in the patients.

Survival rate of 75% to 80% has been observed with our experience in BHT. Though this is a lesser survival rate as compared to conventional HT technique, however, for many patients who have scarce growth on the donor sites, this technique is no less than a boon. The patients who choose to undergo BHT should be knowledgeable of the fact that the procedure doesn't provide guarantees for hundred percent of implants taking roots.

It is also imperative to take a note that body hair which get transplanted can vary in their structure after they have undergone transplantation. In large number of the cases, they tend to become longer and straighter, interestingly adapting to an extent to the structure of hair on the head.

Those who contemplate body hair transplant treatment should also be knowledgeable of the fact that this form of hair transplantation is mainly considered as last-resort option.

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